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New CarLoc® AT-ATEX II for long-term operation in hazardous areas
FELA presents hazardous goods monitoring devices with ATEX directive II 2G Ex iB IIB T4.
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CarLoc® AT-Cargo

Precise Worldwide Monitoring and Locating for Your Containers, Tanks and Swap Bodies


Now with an even more robust housing!

We have improved the housing of CarLoc® AT-Cargo and kept it fully compatible with the old mount. The new housing is manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polyamide instead of ABS. This makes it more robust, lighter and easier to clean. Changing the battery is now much easier, which reduces costs and facilitates environmentally friendly recycling. In addition, the new housing has stainless steel threaded inserts to insure secure mount.

Monitoring of Goods Transports

Currently and in the future, containers and swap bodies are the optimal load carriers because of their international standardised measurements and unrivalled cargo handling performance.

The guarantee of safety and transport schedules for worldwide goods transport is a comprehensive challenge. In this day and age of complex supply chains and continuous flow of goods, it is a matter of economic common sense to monitor unattended goods transport with efficient tools. Available worldwide, CarLoc® AT-Cargo is an intelligent method to secure and monitor your transports with containers, tanks or swap bodies.

The AT-Cargo device has integrated antennas and is designed with proven, robust technology for use in harsh environments. It is easy to install at almost any location on your cargo carriers. The self-sufficient energy supply allows maintenance-free operation for years.

High functionality, combined with convenient configuration options enable customized operation at minimal costs. The intelligent device logic automatically reports all relevant transport activity to the CarLoc® Portal – making the data available worldwide.

CarLoc® AT-Cargo: For Reliable Information in the Rail Freight Transport
CarLoc® AT-Cargo
CarLoc® AT-Cargo: Always Up to Date; Position, Timekeeping or Load Status of the Freight Wagons
CarLoc® AT-Cargo With Mounting

Areas of Application

  •  Cycle optimization
  •  Transport progress monitoring
  •  Shock detection
  •  Cold chain monitoring
  •  Intrusion detection


Main Features of the CarLoc® AT-Cargo:

  • Simple and unobtrusive installation
  • Worldwide operation
  • Precise location through highly sensitive GPS receivers
  • Remotely configurable settings
  • Detection of shocks and movements by 3-axis shock sensors
  • Optional load sensor
  • Worldwide monitoring
  • Monitoring of external sensors
  • Monitoring and controlling of heating and cooling equipment
  • Storage space for several months of data recordings


Advantages at a Glance

The CarLoc® AT-Cargo provides many advantages. The highly sensitive GPS receiver allows precise location even in difficult environments. The settings are remotely configurable, data storage is available for recordings over several months, as well as area monitoring of up to 10’000 geographical zones. The AT-Cargo also provides you with these further advantages:

Automatic Detection and Monitoring of the Following Data:

  •  Position plus time, speed and direction
  •  Carrier status: Standing / parked / moving / alarm
  •  Mileage as well as idle and driving times
  •  Stops at stations, terminals, company premises and port areas
  •  Data from connected sensors and subsystems
  •  Battery status
  •  Project-specific data


Flexible Device Configuration Allows the Detection of Important Events:

  •  At freely defined times
  •  At specific time or distance intervals or at changes of direction
  •  When entering or leaving terminals, company premises or port areas
  •  At start or stop
  •  When exceeding sensor limit values
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Additionally you can combine the above conditions or even provide customized scripts

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