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New CarLoc® AT-ATEX II for long-term operation in hazardous areas
FELA presents hazardous goods monitoring devices with ATEX directive II 2G Ex iB IIB T4.
WASCOSA Asset Intelligence Day – We will be there!
Telematics in freight cars and intelligent design of rail transport is one of the core areas of...
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Anti-Theft Protection

Anti-Theft Protection

Protection for Vehicles, Traffic Carriers and Machines

CarLoc® Protects Your Valuable Capital Equipment

The value of construction vehicles and machines is measured not only by their investment costs, but also by their long-term productive operation. A loss would lower this value. With CarLoc® we effectively protect you against such losses.

Anti-theft protection for your equipment attachments on the construction site
Equipment attachments on the Construction Site
CarLoc® AT-Guard
CarLoc® AT-Guard
Safe door monitoring with CarLoc® AT-Fleet
Door Monitoring

Intelligent Installation

For the installation of our CarLoc® box, we choose hidden or covered spots. As there are no external antennas, the waterproof housing remains compact and discreet. The powerful battery and the intelligent standby mode ensure low operating costs and a long battery life. Additionally, jamming, damages and vandalism are detected by the device's integrated functions.

Theft Prevention

With CarLoc® you get two effective possibilities to prevent thefts. CarLoc® triggers a silent alarm and immediately informs the security service, who then prevents the theft. Triggers for the alarm can be door openings or the starting of the motor. Furthermore, a vehicle can be shut down remotely via CarLoc®.


Even if a vehicle or machine is stolen, there is a solution. By continuously tracking the GPS signal, the security service or the police authority can track the object. Even though the object was not started or directly moved but loaded and driven away, the CarLoc® system triggers an alarm when it leaves the defined geofenced area.

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