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CarLoc® AT-Portal

Our CarLoc® AT-Portal Informs You Worldwide About Your Means of Transport

The internet-based solution CarLoc® AT-Portal combines efficient fleet and transport management with the advantages of an intuitive and clearly structured operation.

CarLoc® AT-Portal is the first system worldwide, which enables unified management of all traffic carriers, from a few vehicles or several trains up to vehicle fleets and container parks across the group.

The intelligent CarLoc® solution from FELA even guarantees structured, economic management of big fleets and of extensive logistical tasks.

CarLoc® Portal

Main Features of the CarLoc® AT-Portal:

Important data as position, vehicle status, door latch status, cooling temperature, etc. are presented in a well-organized table. The digital map (map / satellite photo / hybrid) can be individually adapted to your application area and has the following characteristics:

  •  Fast, precise, continuously updated
  •  Shows tracking of several objects over any period of time
  •  General large screen map with automatic tracking
  •  Automatically routed geographical zones and immediate information about detours



In case of an emergency, you will be informed immediately.
The integrated, configurable alarm function automatically reports incidents via SMS, e-mail or RSS short message. The CarLoc® Portal shows you a clear visualisation of the alarms, their state and where it occurred.

Individual Adaptation of Digital Map to Your Application Area
Digital Map from CarLoc® Portal
Satellite Map
Satellite Map from CarLoc® Portal
Station Zone
Station Zone from CarLoc® Portal
Temperature Statement
Temperature Statement from CarLoc® Portal
Timetable from CarLoc® Portal


The extensive evaluation possibilities in the CarLoc® Portal show you the most economical vehicle type.

The CarLoc® Portal provides you with extensive reporting possibilities. For instance, you can determine the utilisation and efficiency of your vehicles, working hours or driving behaviours of your drivers as well as the stop periods of freight cars at a terminal. As a result, you gain valuable data, which bring added value to your company in a short time.

The evaluations of the CarLoc® Portal provides you with the desired information in a concentrated form. Daily reports including map sections, consumption statistics, temperature profiles and cycle times allow an exact evaluation of fleet efficiency, employee scheduling and transport numbers.

Scheduled or triggered reports, according to specific costumer criteria, are automatically sent via e-mail.

Management and Organisation

CarLoc® Portal manages your means of transport and enables the organization of drivers, keys, vehicle types etc. with custom-specific attributes and grouping characteristics. Depending on your needs, more relevant objects with the corresponding master data can be integrated in order to provide you with the optimal amount of information for your company.
The master data can be automatically compared with your ERP system.

Automatic Data Acquisition

The CarLoc® products provide operating and process data on demand such as trips, approach routes or stationary times at the application area. Additional relevant information can be recorded automatically via external sensors or vehicle bus systems. The intelligent and extensible data preparation clearly summarises different information in real-time.


Use the CarLoc® Portal with the suitable configuration for your company as:

  • Internet-based fleet management system with worldwide access possibilities
  • Automatic collection system of your operating and process data
  • Complement to existing disposition and ERP systems with complete integration of recorded data
  • Interface for the monitoring of safety and hazardous goods transport
  • Alarm control unit for the service coordination of the police, fire brigade, rescue service and repair service
  • Documentation centre for the verification of transport and quality regulations or of billing-relevant driver data

Advantages at a Glance

The CarLoc® Portal from FELA provides you the following benefits:

  • User-friendly operation without any training expenses
  • No necessary installation due to web-based portal
  • PC with internet connection is sufficient for access from all over the world
  • Integrated alarm function automatically informs via SMS, e-mail or RSS short message in case of an emergency
  • Flexible management by organisation of the portal user, driver, vehicle allocation and transport management
  • Extensive evaluation reports are automatically sent via e-mail and allow an exact evaluation of fleet efficiency, employee scheduling (electronic working time record) and transport numbers (schedule management)

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