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Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Exact Temperature Settings for up to Three Cooling Zones: Continuous Verification

Continuous Temperature Monitoring with CarLoc®

When quality is a question of the right temperature, we are the right contact with our CarLoc® product. With this solution we can permanently monitor the maintenance of the cooling chain. We can register, report and evaluate every deviation in a timely manner and deliver a continuous verification to you.

Continuous verification of the cooling chain with CarLoc® temperature monitoring
Verification of the Cooling Chain
Thanks to PT1000 sensors and digital signal processing, calibration is not necessary
Digital Signal Processing
Continuous monitoring of up to three cooling zones with the CarLoc® solution
Monitoring of the Cooling Zones
CarLoc® AT-Fleet
CarLoc® AT-Fleet

Preserve the Value of Goods

CarLoc® manages to monitor up to three different temperature zones with highly sensitive PT1000 temperature sensors. Our solution permanently records all values and alerts us in case of deviations and disruptions. So you have the possibility to intervene in time to prevent the loss of temperature-sensitive cargo. Since we enable the monitoring of air conditioning units (e.g. coolant and fuel levels), such situations rarely arise. The quality of your goods is guaranteed - losses and complaints are now things of the past!

Reduce Effort and Costs

CarLoc® not only secures the cargo, but also reduces your effort. A warning concerning the coolant, for example, ensures that an air conditioning unit can be refilled in time. In this way, CarLoc® prevents damages to the device and also expensive and time-consuming repairs or replacements.

Another area is the reporting: CarLoc® continuously records all data up to 24 months and provides them automatically on demand. CarLoc's continuous verification lets you follow the HACCP concept and the (EC) No. 852/2004 regulation, and it is only a mouse click away.

Two-Way Communication with the Cooling Unit

Monitor the target temperature conveniently and reliably from the office desk. With CarLoc® the target temperature is defined several days in advance and automatically set by the system to the exact desired time.

Advantages of CarLoc® Temperature Monitoring:

  • Monitoring of up to three different temperature zones
  • PT1000 sensors with high precision
  • Cargo and cargo temperature always secure
  • Verification of the continuous cooling chain
  • Cooling unit under control - continuous safety for goods
  • Alarm in case of low fuel level
  • Ensured cooling chains also in parked trailers
  • Target temperature can be set online

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