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New CarLoc® AT-ATEX II for long-term operation in hazardous areas
FELA presents hazardous goods monitoring devices with ATEX directive II 2G Ex iB IIB T4.
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Telematics in freight cars and intelligent design of rail transport is one of the core areas of...
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Transport Safety

Door Monitoring

Monitored - Any time and Anywhere!

CarLoc® and G4S Security Systems Protect Your Valuable Goods

The safety of transports did not become less important in the 21st century. Many products are valuable enough to steal. Not only cash, diamonds or pieces of art, but also tobacco, spirits, documents or high technology items.

With our partner G4S Security Systems, we offer you an efficient and safe solution to protect your goods, reduce your losses in the supply chain, and to ensure productivity.

Comprehensive Protection for High Quality Cargo

With the CarLoc® solution the specialists from G4S keep your consignment monitored - any time and anywhere in the world. As soon as the object leaves a protected area (a terminal for example), our security partner is able to follow it in real-time over the whole route thanks to high quality GPS systems, powerful communication tools and self-sufficient energy supplies. If the consignment deviates from its planned route, or if unauthorized persons open the cargo door during the transport, or if the driver does not send the agreed status messages, CarLoc® triggers immediately an alarm and G4S intervenes.

Magnetic door switches from FELA, especially developed for logistics, reliably detect door openings
Door Switch
Global presence of our security partners give a guarantee for immediate intervention in the event of a crisis
Security Partner
If our system reports a problem such as a transport robbery, the security service reacts instantly
Security Service

Prevention is the Best Protection

Standardised protection concepts can easily be tricked. Therefore, we develop custom-designed concepts, which take account of the individual procedures and processes of the company. Multi-tiered authentication methods, which immediately report the deviation of certain patterns, make a theft fail even before the thief is aware of it. An innovative safety concept is a quality criterion and also a seal of approval in the competition for transport companies. This is particularly true with logistics companies dealing with high quality goods.

Door Monitoring

Magnetic door switches from FELA, especially developed for logistics, reliably detect door openings. With CarLoc® door monitoring, a door can be opened without triggering the alarm only in protected areas and in specific geographical zones. The client determines those zones by a mouse click on the digital map. If the doors are opened without permission outside of the protected areas our terminal equipment will immediately trigger the alarm.

Electronic Seal for Customs Clearances

CarLoc® can also be extended with an intelligent lock which not only has a lock function but which is also approved as an electronic seal for customs clearances. Consequently, a door is only released if:

  • The dispatcher gives the command through the CarLoc® Portal
  • The driver presents the right RFID card at the lock
  • The driver enters the right code
  • The vehicle is in a safe geographical zone
  • There is a combination of the previous items

Our experienced safety experts can find a safe and efficient solution for any task.


Alarm Control Unit

FELA not only provides reliable technology with the CarLoc® product line, but also provides reliable service. The alarm control unit of our security partner is globally networked: If our system reports a problem such as the failure of a cooling unit or the robbery of a valuables transport, the security service reacts instantly. This prevents the loss of goods and reduces insurance costs.

Use our consultation service and you can benefit from our many years of experience!