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New CarLoc® AT-ATEX II for long-term operation in hazardous areas
FELA presents hazardous goods monitoring devices with ATEX directive II 2G Ex iB IIB T4.
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Telematics in freight cars and intelligent design of rail transport is one of the core areas of...
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Container Tracking

Container Tracking

Complete Transparency and Cycle Time Optimization

With CarLoc® We Improve the Productivity of Your Containers

Are your containers not reaching their destinations on time? Are they waiting for days to be processed? Are they being used by others in the meantime or do they even disappear in mysterious ways?  With CarLoc® we offer you a reliable possibility for the container tracking, which enables you to locate your containers at any time and to considerably improve your productivity.

Crane Loading


CarLoc® ensures precise locating of containers all over the world and automatically reports the transport progress. With this tool you always have reliable information and you are no longer dependent on unsafe and elaborate monitoring done by shipping or outside companies. We guarantee the continuous monitoring with our long-lasting batteries and a powerful GPS system.

The CarLoc® solution for container tracking is quickly installable and is secure against theft
Communication and worldwide locating with digital maps, satellite pictures and street view
Once installed, our devices on tank containers work over several years completely maintenance-free
Lifespan of Ten Years
Worldwide tracking with map views for the whole globe
Map View

Cost Saving

If a container gets lost or does not reach its destination on time it can lead to contractual penalties, or even the ending of a customer relationship. This can only be prevented by renting other containers and additional transports, which would involve further costs. Global tracking enables you to intervene on time and avoid additional costs. Or even to pass on the cost to outside source of the delay.

Productive Times

With CarLoc® we increase the cycle times and productivity of your containers. In addition to the tracking of the containers and to the visualisation of the transport progress, we offer you detailed statistics of cycle and standing times. These individually processed statistics serve as a basis to continuously optimise the cycle time and the capacity of the containers. As an additional benefit we enable the constant monitoring of temperatures, tank pressures and loading conditions.

Crane Loading

The loading and unloading of ships are important events which have to be registered exactly to optimise the cycle times. The sensor system of the CarLoc® devices detects this procedure, and in combination with geofencing enables the evaluation of the exact residence times at the harbour.

Worldwide Tracking

CarLoc® ensures worldwide regulated locating and communication. Our map view covers the whole globe with digital maps, satellite pictures and partial street view.

Mobile Installation

The FELA CarLoc® solution can be quickly and easily installed and is secure against theft. It can be just as quickly removed at the destination. 

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