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New CarLoc® AT-ATEX II for long-term operation in hazardous areas
FELA presents hazardous goods monitoring devices with ATEX directive II 2G Ex iB IIB T4.
WASCOSA Asset Intelligence Day – We will be there!
Telematics in freight cars and intelligent design of rail transport is one of the core areas of...
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Electronic Logbook

Electronic Logbook

Clear Accounting

Keep an Automatic Logbook with CarLoc®

Keeping a logbook for company cars is beneficial for cost transparency and tax records. The installation of a CarLoc® device enables the automatic recording of vital data.

CarLoc® Electronic Logbook – Automatic down to the Smallest Detail
Electronic Logbook
CarLoc® AT-Fleet
CarLoc® AT-Fleet

The logbook function of the CarLoc® portal delivers the travel data in prepared reports:

  • Time Saving
    Keep an automatic logbook that conforms to your tax record requirements.

  • No Tax Charges for Business Trips
    1% regulation thanks to a complete and consistent database.

  • Fully Automatic down to the Smallest Detail
    Business trips are automatically completed with the date, distance, start and destination locations and the purpose of the trip.

  • Private or Business?
    Distinction between kilometres driven for private and business purposes and between domicile and workplace.

  • Audit-Proof and Precise
    With internal controls and fulfilment of legal obligations, CarLoc® not only automatically records the data and simplifies their management, but also saves them over a long period of time.

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