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HVF Declaration

HVF Declaration

CarLoc® Supports Swiss Goods Transport

Our CarLoc® solution has a feature especially for Swiss transport companies. It can be used for automated provision of HVF (Heavy Vehicle Fee) data.

HVF Declaration Especially for Swiss Transport Companies
HVF Declaration in Switzerland
Automatic Transfer of Mileage Data to the Directorate General of Customs
Transfer to Directorate General of Customs

HVF Declaration in Record Time

For the calculation of the heavy vehicle fee, the mileage data is saved on a chip card and transferred to the Directorate General of Customs once a month. Your employees can read the declaration data from the chip cards locally at your headquarters, then transmit the data to the Directorate General of Customs. Or the cards themselves are sent to the customs service. When the HVF declaration process is done manually it only takes a few minutes for one vehicle - but it can take days for larger fleets. With CarLoc® you can do an automated declaration calculation at the touch of a button on the recording unit emotach.

All Data at Once

Instead of letting the driver read out the mileage data every month, our CarLoc® solution transfers the data directly to your company server - conveniently and completely automated. The same applies to the system authentication.  The recording device does not have to be approved manually by the driver. CarLoc® does the authentication independently. Impractical declaration cards are a thing of the past!

Additional Value without Additional Cost

Optionally CarLoc® can also measure additional values provided by the HVF recording device, such as trailer identification and trailer declaration. This additional data can also be transferred to your server.

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