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Operating Data Acquisition

Operating Data Acquisition

Always in View and More Time for the Essentials

Mobile Recording of Working and Operating Times with CarLoc®


Optimal staff employment can be crucial for your success – particularly if it concerns field service.
Our CarLoc® system automatically records all relevant mobile data concerning working and operating times.  CarLoc® ensures more transparency in employee allocation and an agile administration. So you can focus on your core business.


Flexible Identification and Detailed Reporting

CarLoc® adjusts to your technology, not the other way around:  It accurately identifies employees, regardless of whether you use RFID technology, driver card or iButton.  With the real-time data of the employees you can optimally manage their daily activities.  In addition, we enable you to measure the success of working time models and to control your costs with our detailed reporting.

Driver Identification with RFID, iButton or Driver Card (Digital Speedo)
Driver Identification
Contiguous Integration of the Invoicing System
Invoicing System
Recording of stops and working times without any connection to the vehicles
Data Acquisition
Allocation of operating times, spent fuel, purpose of work and proper cost centre
Allocation Device

Easy Integration

As we have a lot of self-developed interfaces, we can directly integrate the data of the CarLoc®system in your accounting and invoicing systems.  With our safe and automated processes you can replace the manual administration of arrival, departure and resting times, and the time-consuming allocation of order numbers or the manual preparation of records. So your working hour accounts are always up to date and the correct settlement documents can be generated with just one mouse click.


Audit-Proof and Timely

When making internal controls or fulfilling legal obligations, CarLoc® automatically records the data and simplifies its management. CarLoc® also saves the data over a long period of time, so you can provide records, reports or other legal requirements of working times in a timely manner.


Advantages of CarLoc® Operating Data Acquisition:

  • Reduced administrative expense
  • Less incorrect entries
  • Automatic records for customer invoices  
  • Driver identification with RFID, iButton or driver card (digital speedo)
  • Recording of routes, arrival time, residence and working time
  • Automatic allocation of order number
  • Interface to the invoicing system



“Companies such as Leonhard Weiss & Co KG (significant market leader in the construction industry) use CarLoc® operating data acquisition."